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Water Rates

October 1, 2018 water rate increase

All users of water rendered and metered by the Authority shall pay the following monthly minimum charges and rates:

New Water Charge= $8.75 / thousand gallons of water used

New Bulk Rate= $8.55 / thousand gallons of water used***

A.        Minimum Charges:(Based on size of meter)                                          
 5/8" x 3/4"$17.00
 3/4" x 3/4"$25.65
 1 1/2"$85.40
 2" Compound                      $153.45
 3" Compound$382.20
 6" Compound Fire Flow               $446.90
 8" Compound Fire Flow$641.80

***bulk rate is charged at 250,000 gallons and above/month

B.Tapping Charges: 
 3/4" Tap is $2,650.00 plus turn on fee $25.00.
 Larger tap at actual cost but not less than $2,650.00 plus turn on fee of $25.00.      
 Developer fee of $1,495.00 plus turn on fee of $25.00.
C.Meter Pits:(Service Lines over 200 ft. long)
 5/8" x 3/4"$550.00 plus tapping charges listed in B above.
 1"$700.00 plus tapping charges listed in B above.
D.Late charge of 10% per month on 30 days past due.  Interest charge of .83% per month
 on 60 days past due.
E.Additional Meters: 
 $300.00 for each meter 5/8" x 3/4" radio read meter.
 Actual cost of meter plus installation for each 3/4" meter or larger.
F.Debt Service Surcharge: 
 Establishment of monthly temporary Debt Service Surcharge for customers
 resulting from new Authority Water Line Projects.
 Callery Road Water Line Extension  $35.00
 Wright Road Water Line Extension$10.00

                 Mars-Valencia Road Line Extension     $20.80 per EDU