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Where your water comes from


The water supplied to you by the MWAAT is purchased from the West View Water Authority.  The main source of West View Water Authority is the Ohio River, but emergency wells are maintained on both Neville and Davies Islands.  Our community is one of twenty-nine served by West View from the water treatment plant located on the northern tip of Neville Island, where it goes through several treatment processes to insure its quality.  Once the water has been screened, it moves through a mixing chamber where the necessary treatment chemicals are added to coagulate the fine unwanted particles in the water.  Next, the water enters clarifiers where the coagulated particles are allowed to settle out prior to passing through the granular activated carbon filters which remove any remaining unwanted particles along with color, taste and odor.  Finally, Ultraviolet Disinfection along with chlorine is used to kill bacteria, fluoride is added to aid in the prevention of tooth decay and the water is pH stabilized with sodium hydroxide.  The clean water is stored in a clearwell of the treatment plant until pumped to the pipes and tanks of the distribution system.